Episode nickname= KP

"5d9a" refers to unsolved hint, 'init decode sequence...five down, nine across...skip truncation...'

Later informed by puzzlemaster Kor Adana," It is not a crossword".

Also Kor has communicated repeatedly that something remains unsolved from this particular episode, which needs to be for the meta ARG.

ALSO-Adana revealed that what needs to be found from KP, is a URL in the KP screens:

he posted a hint to Reddit here:


5d9a; "If you run the code 69 6e 69 74... through a hex to ascii converter you get 'init decode sequence...five down, nine across...skip truncation...'"-how this clue was generated from Reddit u/who_is_mrx. in this topic,


Various Kernel Panic screens *NOT from the show, for example only, credited to Reddit user Jither